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At InXpress we take pride in the partnerships we have made with world-class carriers. Our carriers handle your pick-ups and deliveries.

InXpress shipping specialists provide you with personal service and will be your cost-savings advocate.

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Who handles my shipments?

InXpress uses multiple carriers, including DHL. Our carriers pick up your packages and deliver them to their destination.

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How can InXpress help you?

InXpress gives you unrivaled shipping solutions, with our world class carriers. You benefit by receiving superb rates and outstanding service which saves you time and money.

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At InXpress we have built industry knowledge over a number of years. By leveraging the carrier partnerships of InXpress, we can work with your business to find the right solution for you.

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Franchising Opportunities

Do you want the independence of running your own business and achieving your dreams? InXpress is the opportunity you've been waiting for.