How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

Online retail and the courier sector are growing rapidly—and so will your start-up business with InXpress.

High earning potential

Reap the rewards of the fully scalable InXpress business model—you’re free to progress in the way that works for you.

A respected partner to global carriers

InXpress has strong relationships with trusted courier partners and access to competitive rates. This leaves you free to concentrate on building your business.

Comprehensive training and support

Hit the ground running with our comprehensive two-week training course. Join the InXpress 350-strong network of franchisees.

Discover more about the InXpress opportunity and culture

Discover more about the InXpress opportunity and culture

Our Young Gun franchises explain what the InXpress franchise opportunity means to them.

Discover more about the InXpress opportunity and culture

One of our core values is to Give Back. See how we do this around the world.

Innovative software

InXpress is a technology disruptor in the industry which helps our franchisees stand out in the crowd. Our breakthrough online portal, webship+, is built on over 20-years of insight into what customers need. This powerful proprietary software combines an automated shipping platform, a franchisee business management program and a franchise performance tool. This all helps customers of InXpress save hours on their shipping and empowers franchisees with insights into their business performance.

Innovative software

"When I first started with InXpress, I had no experience in logistics or sales. By rights, I
shouldn’t be successfully running my own business at this early stage.

InXpress made it possible for me to achieve some of my personal goals. But I firmly believe
one of the biggest measures of how successful someone can be, is not so much about what
experience you’ve had, but your attitude and approach to how you do what you do".

James Griffin, InXpress Franchisee

James Griffin, InXpress Franchisee

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