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A Disruptive Tech-Enabled Business Opportunity in Logistics

12th July 2019

Over the last 20 years, InXpress has developed a business opportunity in the logistics sector, which has enabled over 350 franchisees to realise their dream of business ownership.

With InXpress, the world is your oyster. What will you achieve?

4th July 2019

If your goal is to run your own business, becoming an InXpress Young Gun will give you the opportunities and support you just won’t find if you start-up alone. Discover more about InXpress’ Young Gun franchise opportunity.

20th Anniversary case study: Andy Mitchell

1st July 2019

Andy Mitchell has been an InXpress franchisee based in Guildford, UK since May 2002. His franchise has grown year-on-year and he is currently ranked number seven globally. Andy tells us about how what he considered to be gamble at the time, has been one of the best decisions he has ever made.

InXpress Gives Back goes Global!

13th June 2019

As part of our 20th Anniversary, InXpress are doing #InXpressGivesBackGlobally. This unique opportunity means InXpress franchisees across the global network are working together to raise money or donate our time to support causes close to our hearts.

20th Anniversary Case Study: John O’Riordan

4th June 2019

John O’Riordan is the General Manager for InXpress Edgecliff based in Brisbane, Australia. When his University friends bought an InXpress franchise, it peaked his interest. Here’s his story…

20th Anniversary Case Study: Edmond Leung

21st May 2019

Edmond Leung has been a franchisee in Hong Kong since 2014, having come across the opportunity on LinkedIn. Prior to buying his franchise, Edmond had been working in the IT industry for over ten years, selling software licenses and solutions. Here, we find out what led Edmond to the life changing decision to run his own business.

20th Anniversary Case Study: Sam Orders and Shaun Birley

13th May 2019

Sam Orders and Shaun Birley met in year seven at high school in Australia and have been friends ever since. After graduating from University in they were not sure what to do next – go into the corporate world and work up the career ladder, or do something different. Sam picks up the first part of their compelling story…

20th Anniversary Case Study: Lasha Laski

12th April 2019

Lasha Laski came to the UK from the Republic of Georgia in 2003, looking for change and to achieve something great. Lasha soon realised that having his own business was the achievement he sought, and he now owns an InXpress franchise in Southampton, UK. Here he tells us his fantastic story – from coming to the UK knowing only one person, to now owning one of the top 20 franchises in the global network.