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Key FAQs to assist in your shipping decision

26th August 2022

Can a single shipping partner be a one-stop solution for my business needs?

Absolutely. The team at InXpress can lay out a plan to accommodate a single item to be shipped or if you are undertaking hundreds of shipments day-to-day. No matter the urgency for local domestic parcels, cross-border deliveries, freight or even E-Commerce, we can scale to meet the growing demands of any business. Our customer support network along with our own proprietary shipping software, Webship+; rest assured we are on your side.

Are parcel and freight shipping different?

Shipping smaller boxed goods that are lighter in weight, is commonly referred to as parcel shipping. Where freight is a group of boxes moving together on one or several pallets. LTL, FTL and weighty airfreight are typically associated with freight for the process of carrying goods by air, sea or land. A key shipping ally, such as InXpress, will help you understand the differences when it comes to parcel and freight shipping to ensure your local or international package arrives on time at the best possible shipping rate.

Is it important to work with a shipping provider with competitive pricing access to multiple carriers?

Often times aligning with a shipping provider that is affiliated with multiple carriers is a very strategic business move and can give SMEs a strong competitive edge. SMEs’ alliance with a shipping partner can allow them to access more competitive carrier rates to import their products or raw materials which can lower their overall expenses thus creating a stronger business practice. Consumers are deciding on what to buy, how to buy and unreasonable shipping costs at checkout can cause the purchase to be canceled. A true shipping provider will have access to carriers across the globe and locally. So, a plan will be constructed upon analysis of your shipping needs whether its small parcel or E-commerce requirements. Let the team organize and manage orders on your behalf.

Is shipping software, a concern for SMEs?

Yes, it is. While every carrier has a software platform, not all are created equal. Shipping software must be adaptable and have multiple applications to meet the demands of a growing SME. InXpress’ Webship+ has multiple E-commerce integration options, simple real-time tracking and an easy-to-use interface. These are just a few features required to ensure the delivery of parcels in the hands of waiting customers.

Is shipping insurance necessary for goods being shipped?

Shipping insurance can provide peace of mind for the seller or their customer. There are times when goods being shipped are lost, stolen or even experience damage during the transit. The shipper can protect their investment with insurance or offer an insurance option to their customer to protect their shipment. While insurance practices vary from carrier to carrier as well as those selling products, working with a top-rated organization could help sort through the clutter. It is clear that working with a strong shipping provider can help guide you through the insurance claims and to help minimize shipping issues.

Delivery compared to shipping, is there a difference?

These two words are interchangeable for business owners and customers when inquiring about the movement of packages. They are, however different. Shipping means the date when a package has left while delivery is the arrival at the intended destination. An experienced shipping provider will help you recognize the key role each word plays especially with increased shopping online orders in recent years. Once a customer places an order, the goods are packaged by the shipper and a label is then generated. The goods are now ready to be shipped and an estimated time for delivery has been established. The shipper and customer now have a tracking number that can be traced until the shipment is complete.

InXpress is a business-to-business shipping and logistics company, transporting parcels internationally and domestically by land, air and sea. Our size and enormous shipping capacity, allow us to provide customers with unmatched shipping solutions at the lowest prices. We would like to learn more about your shipping needs at

Key FAQs to assist in your shipping decision