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With InXpress, the world is your oyster. What will you achieve?

4th July 2019

If your goal is to run your own business, becoming an InXpress Young Gun will give you the opportunities and support you just won’t find if you start-up alone. Discover more about InXpress’ Young Gun franchise opportunity.  

InXpress first started developing entrepreneurial opportunities in 1999, when they started a successful business model and created their franchise opportunity. As a sales-focused business, being able to connect with people, is one of the most important aspects of becoming a Young Gun. 

Over the last twenty years, InXpress has risen to become one of the world’s largest franchisors of worldwide express delivery services. We are the number one reseller of express courier services offering solutions for internal and domestic express services. And we have developed some pretty cool technology to help our franchisees and their customers, grow their businesses.

What does becoming an InXpress Young Gun mean?

Franchising isn’t you buying a job. Franchising is you investing in your future. You buy the rights to a global brand, and a business model which has been proven to work. You also gain exclusive access to training and support. 

As you start your journey toward achieving your goal, as an InXpress Young Gun, you actually become part of something far bigger. You also have experts around you who will give you training on how to run a business, as well as in the unique InXpress model. Access your InXpress mentor anytime you need them, and with a network of 80+ franchisees in the UK, you won’t have to go far to find support as you establish and grow your business. 

With an opportunity to build a business you’re proud of, you have the means to be able to give back to others, as InXpress is very much about giving time, fundraising and finding ways to have a positive impact on the world. In June, for example, the Global network of 350+ franchisees took part in the InXpress Gives Back week and saw offices going the extra mile to support others in need. 

What can I achieve as an InXpress Young Gun?

You are only limited by your determination and can achieve success – both personally and with your business. If you are competitive you can aim for Top Gun status! The Top Guns are InXpress’ 5 fastest-growing, and the 5 top-performing franchises – there are two league tables, one for the UK and one for global business owners! Which will you aspire to? 


  • Our Australian Young Guns, Sam Orders, John O’Riordan and Shaun Birley – some of the first to take advantage of the InXpress Young Guns opportunity – give back to the network in a variety of ways:
    • They love to travel, and have had the opportunity to travel, to support new franchisees with training They have travelled around the Southern Hemisphere , including The Philippines and Vietnam, to support new franchisee training. 
    • They have been involved in the InXpress business development programme, helping other franchisees in the network. As they do, they help to strengthen the brand, as well as their individual businesses. 
    • Sam is also helping to develop InXpress Hong Kong, as a Country Manager.


  • James Griffin, who owns InXpress Swansea, first opened his InXpress business in 2016. With the support of his mentor, Neil Hatt – who is one of the Top Guns – James has used the InXpress business model to excel in his career. “The franchise gives you the training. But Neil helped me to develop my business, rapidly.” As a reward for reaching Top Gun status in 2018, James was given a free trip to Barcelona. As a 2019 Top Gun, he’s also won a free trip to Mexico!


  • Dustin Hansen first started his InXpress business in the US as a Young Gun at 23 years old. He is now CEO of the Americas

It takes determination to become an InXpress Young Gun. People with aspirations to live a great life, and who are determined to make their business work, because it’s a part of who they are. Not only do you run your own business, but there are also opportunities to support the Global network. Sam, John, Shaun, Dustin and James are proof of what can be achieved when you dedicate yourself to the Young Guns programme. 

What do I need to do, if I want to know more about becoming an InXpress Young Gun?

To find out more about the InXpress Young Guns Graduate programme, give us a call us on 0800 195 2125, or email: Let’s start the conversation about your future business!

With InXpress, the world is your oyster. What will you achieve?