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What are the most important shipping issues facing your business today?

20th July 2022

Shipping is an absolute necessity for many businesses, especially for Ecommerce driven retailers who rely solely upon carriers to deliver merchandise purchased by consumers. Businesses that use international or domestic shipping services know that they are competing with consumers having the choice to purchase in-store rather than online. However, in-store is not always convenient as product variety and or selection can be a global experience and done anywhere in the world.

While every business owner has unique shipping issues that can impede goods from being purchased, there are common issues that could also be of concern. The important issues facing business day can be linked to damaged goods during delivery, route disruption, lost items and speed of delivery. As well as understanding if sea, land or air is the best shipping option.

Imagine the anticipation of your purchase arriving, only to have it arrive damaged, because of poor handling. While we have no control over the transportation environment, such as roads, when your partner with InXpress you will receive consultative advice on how best to ship. When working with clients, the ultimate best experience is when they call us to ask our opinion on how merchandise should be packed. This signals confidence and dependability that at InXpress we listen and understand pain points and as a shipping partner, we truly understand the shipping business. So, in essence, we have become trusted advisors rather than just transactional.

Route interruptions are probably on the list as uncontrollable that no one can predicate. If the pandemic has taught us anything, is to expect the unpredictable. Weather, political turmoil, and local construction in your community are only a few issues that can arise.InXpress is a reliable and highly experienced logistics partner who will have the know-how to help navigate these challenges, to ensure delivery is met domestically and internationally. With our crisscross connections across the globe, a solution is quick at hand.

There is no way to sugar-coat it, lost items are not good for business. The carrier, the retailer and the consumer all lose. Finding lost items becomes urgent and the faster a resolution is found the better. To mitigate this, we associate ourselves with carriers that have the resources and technology to track your package every step of the way to ensure speedy delivery, along its path, till it reaches the final destination: the consumer.

As consumers demand fast delivery, SMEs might find it difficult to keep pace or meet these expectations. Every online purchase or purchase that requires some mode of transportation, needs to arrive as quickly as possible at the final landing place. InXpress will review consumer purchases and delivery patterns and build a solution that is optimal for your business. We know that timing is critical and when you work with any one of our locations, it is our inherited responsibility to deliver.

The bottom line, tackling and removing barriers for a no-hassle shipping experience, should be first and foremost. InXpress has a top-tier service model that business owners can affix themselves, to satisfy all facets of their business.

InXpress is a pioneer in shipping with its innovative technology, webship+, created for retailers, manufacturers and automotive distributors to name a few to support their requirements. SMEs need to work with a shipping partner that offers a complete full-service business model that adapts and grows and meets the demands of clients. Whether moving goods by sea, air, or land, is your choice, we plan ahead to recommend and schedule the best service so goods reach a location or home.

We would enjoy learning more about your requirements and applying a simple solution. Please reach out at to learn more or ask any questions. Request a quote at

What are the most important shipping issues facing your business today?