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Selecting the right partner is important for your business

28th June 2022

When selecting a shipping partner for your business, there are multiple factors to consider. You want to choose a company that can provide you with the best advice and practices. We all know that whether clients are shipping products through online or offline services, the cost to move goods from one location to another can impact the cost of goods sold. With the right shipping partner, you can combat fluctuating shipping costs and allow your business to flourish without unpredictability.
Even though the shipping process seems complicated, working with InXpress as a partner makes it simple. As a business owner, we’ll revisit the necessary logistics as they relate to your business as well as the audience you want to serve. 
Here are a few points to help determine the right logistics partner:
  1. Whether your needs are domestic or international, shipping rates will impact your business. The expert team at InXpress will analyze your business and create a plan tailored to meet all your client’s demands. As a true partner, we’ll really take the time to understand your client’s local needs or cross-border orders and devise options that are best in line for your customers. 
  2. At InXpress, we know businesses experience volume changes or seasonal shifts in shipping habits and the need to utilize a partner that has access to a wide selection of carriers. By working with us, we will consider the size of the parcels, their weight, locations of deliveries, and the frequency. With this information, we can apply the best pricing rates by searching all carriers. 
  3. The software that is used for shipping should also factor into your decision when opting for a logistics company. Our shipping software Webship+ has automation, and with its quick and ease of use through a user-friendly interface, your shipments will become easier. 
Align your shipping requirements with a consultative partner that offers competitive pricing partnerships with key carriers. Ensure that they can also build a strategy that grows with your business and will save you time and money.
Here at InXpress, we can offer you all these functionalities and more. We make it our job to make sure that you and your business are a priority.
Selecting the right partner is important for your business