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A how-to on navigating Cross-Border shipping

17th November 2022

A how-to on navigating Cross-Border shipping

By definition, cross-border shipping is when a customer purchases goods from a seller in another country. This type of sale is usually through e-commerce. However, customers have been known to be in another country, make a purchase and have it shipped to their home country.

Businesses continue to be impacted by the seesaw of consumer purchasing behaviours and demanding delivery expectations for merchandise in hand. As a B2C or B2B entity, they are engaged in strategized conversations with internal thought leaders to decipher dependable revenue streams. This means selling beyond border walls could be a viable opportunity to augment or lift sales, outside a traditional brick-and-mortar approach to increase the share of wallet.

A good place to start your assessment of cross-border revenue generators would be to look at website traffic, the analytics and review where interest is coming from. This could be a key gauge as to when and how to implement a cross-border strategy, with clear revenue projections in mind.

Getting Started with Cross-Border sales through online ordering

What was so obvious and very predictable was an increase in consumers ordering online, anytime from anywhere. This has fueled e-Commerce sales for brands in the B2C space. To get into this space, businesses will need to ask themselves:

  • What adjustment if any, will need to be made to sell those products?
  • What are the best countries or markets to reach?
  • What is the demand for those products?

In addition, looking at queries from other countries about their products may be an indicator as to where a business should direct their marketing and sales efforts. As the business monitors expenses, paying attention to website traffic from regions will assist in this decision-making.

Pricing for goods sold, duties, taxes, payment methods, returns and currency will vary for each country based on laws. Understanding how all these affect the directional focus is paramount. A global presence for any business is not only attractive, but it is also a clear sign of sales expansion.

Shipping beyond borders

As the global economy contracts and expands, a great shipping strategy must be in place. This will lead to higher and stronger sales. It also needs to be nimble and focused on fulfilling orders quickly to exceed consumer expectations. Navigating custom forms in another language, restrictions and directives can impact business negatively, but also deter consumers from purchasing. To get better results, partner with a logistics provider that has a global reach with clear knowledge in navigating the uncertainty of international sales. Bank on success and work with a shipping partner that has a global shipping footprint.

Cross-Border best practices

As a business, you’ve decided to engage with customers in other countries, when it comes to selling your products. Shipping technology software will play a huge role to facilitate orders. Tracking, finding the best rates, labels, pick up, bulk shipping and other key shipping needs, will help streamline processes. A logistics company with its proprietary software will ensure exclusivity for business when it comes to costs, rather than a common shipping software with a one-size-fits-all shipping model.  

Simplify the delivery of merchandise, by working with a partner that can integrate with multiple e-Commerce platforms. E-commerce is the future and finding a reliable partner that handles shipping without barriers is of the greatest importance.

Align your business with a confident shipping partner that moves hundreds of thousands of packages daily across the globe and is a stable global company. By doing so, you can focus on your business and shift operational priorities, knowing deliveries will be secure and on time. 


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A how-to on navigating Cross-Border shipping