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Steps to follow for shipping products across borders

17th October 2022

Steps to follow for shipping products across borders

Business is going well, you’re seeing some signs that orders are picking up locally, but you’re also seeing strong interest in new or expanded sales segments from other countries. You’re asking yourself; how do I navigate all the constant changes for shipping expenses and ensure all the proper documents are in the right sequence?

First and foremost, speak with a well-experienced shipping organization, one that clearly understands and has extensive knowledge of shipping across borders. That said, let’s get into a few areas of business. Your digital marketing is working well, and your competitive pricing strategy is reflected in customer acquisitions and retention being built steadily. Believe it or not, the last stages of delivering your goods to the end user will impact your brand the most.

One of the ongoing challenges faced by businesses is deciding where to store and how to ship their product. They can choose to work with a warehouse or distribution centre, partner with a third-party logistics company, or ship on demand directly. Setting up a warehouse in another country is a great idea regarding duties and taxes, but it is a significant cash outlay. Understanding the scale of your business, whether these are sporadic orders from just a few countries, or are they more global in nature, will assist in your cross-border planning. Other items to consider are looking at the type of shipments parcel or freight, size, weight and quantities by region.

Get rolling with shipping across borders: 

  1. Consider your audience base and focus on a few countries.
  2. Remember the different currencies or exchange rates, taxes, duties and price products accordingly.
  3. Clearly define shipping carriers so adequate tracking is easy and the consumer can follow the delivery, once they are ready to settle up by putting in credit card information.
  4. Having a simple and easy-to-follow return policy, that is located at checkout and is a part of the product details for the item being purchased is a must.
  5. Connect with an experienced shipping partner to check and help finalize details.

Shipping internationally is not for every business and while it might indicate growth and brand awareness, it does not necessarily mean it will translate into increased profitability. Clearing customs, bills of lading and a host of regulatory processes can be difficult to understand and meet the needs of client demands with the product in hand. In most cases, a combination of air, sea and ground transportation will be involved to ensure delivery.

Shipping Internationally:

  1. Understanding the international demands for your product
  2. Have an extended grasp on shipping costs from country to country as they will vary.
  3. For applying the correct international strategy, you’ll need to consider a few points, such as:
    1. Margins
    2. Product
    3. Audience
    4. Destination
    5. Market growth
    6. Number of days for delivery
    7. The appropriate paperwork
    8. Carriers and the various rates, such as the flat rate or table shipping rates based on size and weight
  4. Rules and regulations for each country to get the product in the hands of shoppers and to have it returned, if necessary.
  5. Shipping of breakable or fragile goods and having the right packaging advice.

The final leg in the delivery chain can be identified as the most crucial. If the product is late, damaged or just plain missing, will have a devastating outcome for the business. Resulting in the loss of revenue and end the customer or worse a bad online review. A one-size-fits-all model when it comes to shipping is not applicable. As outlined, multiple factors will impact whether your business stays local or expands across borders. In preparation for making that key decision, InXpress has subject matter experts right in your hometown InXpress Shipping and Logistics who are eager to sit, review and create a plan fully in line with your business demands.

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Steps to follow for shipping products across borders