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Why planning your shipping with InXpress will save you time and costs

26th September 2022

Your business is growing steadily, your expenses are low and sales are up. Existing customers are re-ordering and your new customer gains are showing strong promise every year. But there is one area that has yet to go smoothly, shipping. The logistics of shipping products once ordered from retailer to consumer, fluctuates with demand and can impact a business like nothing you have ever experienced.

Our understanding of the immediate needs of small businesses puts us at the front of the line as a shipping partner of choice and trustworthiness. As a valued partner with an organization such as ours, we’ll match your shipping requirements with the delivery behaviours of your customers. No more wondering if the package will get there. No more concerns about which mode of shipping is appropriate. InXpress takes all the worry away as it relates to shipping, so your focus can be trained on improving your wallet share.

As a result of partnering with the best carriers, and the vast volume of parcels shipped daily, we have rates to keep more profits in your pocket. We also provide real-time pricing monitoring to prevent swings in shipping costs so that you can adjust your business pricing model efficiently; ultimately maintaining margins.

Selecting us as a partner helps navigate unforeseen matters in the channels of shipping. We’ll assess all aspects of your shipping needs and provide estimates for the busy sales periods or adjust accordingly to market conditions. We carefully collaborate with our clients such as retailers, distributors and professional services, regarding the right dimensions of parcels, weight and urgency for delivery to minimize expenses. There is a real concern that supply chain restrictions, will prevent businesses from maximizing sales with a final push for the remaining months of the year. As well, with no indication as to when things will normalize, this disruption could last for the foreseeable future.

Fulfilling orders through an online store require robust shipping strategies to be in place as consumers expect fast, affordable and on-time delivery. Our understanding of the E-Commerce business in global markets is supported by our best-in-class automated shipping tool. Making it easy for these prime platforms such as WooCommerce, Shipstation, Magento and ZenCart to be integrated. In addition, this puts express shipping at your fingertips for international shipping. With a strong affiliation with DHL, Canpar and Purolator we have exclusive discount pricing that we pass on to help your operational cost and more importantly lower the cost of goods sold to your customers. Pay a visit to this link, and download the app straight to your shopping cart, we’ll set up the account and then enjoy discounted rates provided just for your business. The E-Commerce App is unique to InXpress.

There is a delicate balance between retailers and their customers. While we may never understand the draw toward a brand, InXpress understands the importance. While we may not be right down the hall in your place of establishment, as a partner, we are definitely an extension of the business. For many small businesses, the carrier may be the final touch point or interaction with the customer when the delivery is made. So, we’ll ensure that the utmost attention to detail is done.

There is no doubt in our mind by selecting us as a partner will help you plan, save time and costs. As the busy season ramps up, in-store purchases and online orders will surge. These orders will be requiring some type of shipping strategy to get gifts in the hands of anxiously waiting consumers. We work for you!

InXpress is a business-to-business technology-focused shipping and logistics company, transporting parcels internationally and domestically by land, air and sea. Our size and enormous shipping capacity, allow us to provide customers with unmatched shipping solutions at the lowest prices. We would like to learn more about your shipping needs at

Why planning your shipping with InXpress will save you time and costs